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Location address(es)

8 locations found in the 'All Traffic Camera Types' category, sorted by distance away from SYDNEY NSW 2000.
1. Red Light Camera - Sydney
0.3km  | Map
Cnr Erskine Street & Kent Street
    Westbound. See UBD (36th ed.) Map 236 - 09 C; Map 003 - 01 E
    Red Light Camera
    2. Red Light Camera - Sydney (Eastbound)
    0.4km  | Map
    Cnr Margaret Street & Clarence Street
      Red Light Camera
      3. Red Light Camera - Sydney
      0.6km  | Map
      Cnr Druitt Street & Kent Street
        Westbound. See UBD (36th ed.) Map 236 - 11 C; Map 003 - 06 F
        Red Light Camera
        4. Toll Camera - Sydney Harbour Bridge (South)
        0.8km  | Map
        Bradfield Highway
        Millers Point
          "At the city end of the Bridge, for traffic heading down the Western Distributor and Grosvenor Street" - AB
          Toll Camera
          5. Red Light Camera - Darling Harbour
          0.8km  | Map
          Cnr Bathurst Street & Western Distributor
          Darling Harbour
            On the offramp from the Western Distributor heading into the city at Bathurst Street. Near the IMAX cinema.
            Red Light Camera
            6. Live Traffic Camera - William Street
            0.8km  | Map
            William Street & College Street
              View: William Street at the College Street intersection near Hyde Park, East towards Kings Cross.
              Web Cams > RTA Web Cam
              7. Red Light Camera - Sydney
              0.8km  | Map
              Cnr William Street & College Street
                Westbound. See UBD (36th ed.) Map 236 - 12 F; Map 003 - 07 L
                Red Light Camera
                8. Traffic Monitoring Camera - Sydney
                0.8km  | Map
                Cnr College Street & Park Street
                  RTA Camera 180 that looks down William Street
                  Traffic Monitoring Camera


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